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Prayer Tree

We have a Prayer Tree in the Vestibule. Please leave a message on this if you want prayers said for yourself or others.


 "Trinity Transforming Lives" - for prayer and reflection this week:

In what ways do you feel God speaks to you?

Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. Who do you say he is?

How have you felt the call from Jesus to follow him?

Continue to pray for the Rohingya refugees, facing dire living conditions as they flee their homes in the face of violence. Pray for peace and reconciliation.

Pray for our national Church of Scotland, for congregations and ministers up and down the country, seeking new patterns of Church life in the continuing face of decline.

As we focus on the basics of our faith during worship in October, continue to reflect in thanksgiving for God’s world and all that he gives us and how we might share more in this world of plenty; go through the Lord’s Prayer slowly and contemplate the words in this pattern for prayer that Jesus gave us; read again the Beatitudes and know the blessing of God in your life.

Pray for our Church family here at Trinity, for all who come to worship, for all who have drifted, for all who are housebound, for all who are ill at home or in hospital.

Pray for your family and friends.


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