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Prayer Tree

We have a Prayer Tree in the Vestibule. Please leave a message on this if you want prayers said for yourself or others.


 "Trinity Transforming Lives" - for prayer and reflection this week:

During this time of Lent as we reflect upon our faith, sometimes it is easy to feel confused or bewildered or unsure of ourselves, and yet throughout it all God is with us, he knows every moment of our thoughts, and if we open our hearts and our minds to him he will speak to us with clarity and love.

A prayer…

All-powerful God, your touch upon my mouth takes away my guilt and sin, and leaves me clean to start again. Thank you.

All-powerful God, your touch upon my lips brings your words to my mouth that I may speak with wisdom and truth. Thank you.

All-powerful God, your touch upon my heart brings love and understanding and the gift of giving and receiving. Thank you.

All-powerful God, your touch upon my life brings joy immeasurable, and a challenge unmistakable, to live my life for you, so I pray that you may touch my life anew and help me to use the gifts you have given to me to challenge and strengthen myself and others, that together we may all grow closer to you through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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